Modify As Necessary

DATE: 2022-08-24
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Magoo
PAX: Old Bay, Disco, Kodiak, Mr. Hand, vplaxico, Brown Bag, Jag FNGs: Armbar
WARMUP: WMH, CherryPicker, walkouts, yoga-like stretches, mini trail run.
THE THANG: Each PAX takes a turn leading/modifying the 7 basic exercises on the CARD OF POWER. Variations encouraged. -Squats
-Crawl bear / Bear crawl
-Mountain Climbers
-Curtsey squats/Ice skaters
MARY: Curtesy of @oldbay. Flutter kick, box cutter, J-lo, plank saw ANNOUNCEMENTS: Way too many to remember. Check the Slack channels.
COT: When our daily patterns leave us stuck in a rut we begin to die inside. Mix it up, riff on life, modify as necessary. Changes won’t always work out, but at least you will have gained from the experience.

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