Station Rotation and Repeat

DATE: 2022-08-19
AO: Farm
Q: Faceplant
PAX: Gekko (Keith Capp), Infinity
FNGs: Another Faceplant from Richmond!

Side Straddle Hops

Mountain climbers

Arm circles

Michael Phelps


1 burpee

Willy Mays Haze

Mosie around the field
The thang:
Stations Set 1 (4 stations). Run across side of field and back was timer. Repeat entire circuit 3 times

1. Run across field width and back (timer)
2 Burpees
3. Flutter kicks
4. Merkins

Most around double field
Stations Set 2 (station 1 is timer)

1. Timer did squat walk halfway across field width and ran back 2. Plank
3. Air squats
4. Robot push-ups (alternate between high and low plank and repeat) MARY:
Ended with 25 flutter kicks.
COT: we’re fortunate to have the mobility to perform and enjoy having our butts kicked at F3 workouts.

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