Stairs, Sprints, Squats and Burpees

DATE: 2022-08-19
AO: Sparta
Q: Pop Fly
PAX: Bluegrass, Shogun, Zeus, Peanuts
FNGs: Pele, Mongoose
WARMUP: SSHs, WMHs, Cobra, Squats, and interspersed with OYO Burpees totaling 15

(1) 5x Rounds of 3 Stair Climbs + 20 Squats.
PAX ran up and down the stairs 3 times and then did 20 Squats. repeat 4 more times.

(2) 1 lap around the track and 4 various sprints of different lengths. Rest was 5 good push-ups

(3) 10+1 ladder – Burpees and Squats. PAX did 1 burpee and ran across the field and did 10x squats. Then 2x Burpees & 9x Squats. This continued until we were at 10x Burpees and 1x Squat

MARY: Iron Cross, Cruches, 5 Merkins

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Dad’s Camp & 9/11

COT: Challenge yourself

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