playing the hand we’re dealt

DATE: 2022-08-19
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: 3 mile
PAX: Magoo, Kodiak, Disco, Yardbird, Mr Haand
FNGs: attache
WARMUP: SSH, arm circles, michael phelps, cherry pickers, WMH, down dog, up dog, lunge stretch, the Mr Haand stretch (30 seconds stretch of PAX’s choice) THE THANG:
Cards; do # of reps based on card #; J/Q/K – 10 – A – 12
Diamonds = hand release Merkins IC
Spades = burpees
hearts = jump squats (if odd #), squat (if even)
Clubs = PAX choice of core workout, PAX got diabolical 🙂
Locomotion: 3 mile modifications for loc:
If 2 or 3 drawn, bear crawl and crawl bear, respectively ½ way to next station If 4,5,6 drawn, skip with high knees to next station
If 7 8 9 drawn, karaoke to next station
Burpees and squats to close things out (190 squats / 19 burpees) MARY:
Around the horn
ANNOUNCEMENTS: dad’s camp, backpacking trip, 9/11 stair climb
COT: we all have a voice in our head that can tell us stories that aren’t helpful or true. to break the spell, observe what it’s saying and start a new, positive story (this is a lifelong effort). YHC is considering a career transition and has noticed the inner voice often prevents me from being bold and courageous. knowing is 1/2 the battle.

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