Jacob’s Ladder, 5-10’s, and Dora

DATE: 2022-08-17
AO: Farm
Q: Infinity
PAX: Shute, Faceplant, Lucius, Gekko (Keith Capp), Matthew – Running Man FNGs: None
WarmUp: SSHs, Imperial Walkers, Michael Phelps, Don Quixotes, Beet Pickers, and Willy Mays Hayes.

The Thang:
Short mosey
Jacob’s Ladder: 6-1, 5-2, 4-3, 3-4, 2-5, 1-6 Air Squats at the bottom, Burpees at the top of the hill, running down and back up each set

Short mosey

5-10s: 5 rounds of
– 5 Jump Squats
– 10 sec Al Gore (squat hold)

Short mosey
30-sec Wall Sit

DORA 1-2-3: Split into two teams, one performs exercises while the other runs 150m, and then swaps places with the other team. Cumulative reps of the following shared between the two teams: – 100 Merkins
– 200 Bonnie Blairs, single count
– 300 LBCs

30m Bear Crawl
30m Walking Lunge
60m Sprint

Mary: Back Spasms, Supermans, and Sweat angels.
We then took turns choosing and leading workouts as follows: – Shute: Flutter Kicks
– Gekko: Elbow Plank
– Faceplant: Nolan Ryans
– Lucius: ABC Leg Raises
– Running Man: Big-Boi Sit-Ups

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”
–Thomas Edison (1874-1931), inventor of the light bulb

“A failure is not always a mistake. It may simply be the best one can do under the circumstances. The real mistake is to stop trying.”
–B.F. Skinner (1904-1990), American psychologist

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