Plate Palooza

DATE: 2022-08-16
AO: General
Q: Fairweather
PAX: Toolbox, Trolley, Jag, Moneyball, Lazlo
FNGs: DR Pax from STL: CFIT
Runners stretches, side straddle hops, cobra Kai, etc.
Pax introduced to a 24 pieces of fine (read: paper) China each listing an an exercise. Each pax runs a 400 while the rest complete exercises found by flipping over 2 plates per lap.

Pax move on to a rousing few rounds of connect four: two teams each have 12 plates. Complete exercises on said plates to connect 4 in a row (other team can block your four instead of adding to their line of 4)

Finished with a few rounds of plate battleship. Complete exercise on your plate to send it over to the other side. At the timer, side with least plates wins.

MARY: LBC’s, Penguin Crunches, Chilean Plank


COT: We each have our daily routine, but it’s important to keep a proactive eye out for the random opportunities the big Man upstairs puts in our daily path to be a force for good.

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