From Falls Church to Arlington and Back

DATE: 2022-08-07
AO: Mor-Ruck-Ing
Q: Kodiak
PAX: Magoo, Old Bay, Patchouli, Yardbird
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Let’s get moving
THE THANG: Pax rucked from Social Distance and did a few flights of stairs at EFC metro. The Pax hiked past Brandymore Castle, observed the resident deer bachelor group, crossed 66 on the Ohio Drive overpass made their way to Nottingham Elementary. After one circuit of ruck exercises, the Pax made hiked up Minor’s Hill. the highest point in Arlington. The route proceeded back to social distance with a brief stop at the old west cornerstone for the District of Columbia. MARY: None
COT: We’ve worked hard before 7:30 this morning; let’s get coffee.

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