Stairs and poker

DATE: 2022-08-03
AO: Compound
Q: citrus
PAX: Hightower, Speedo, Poe, Peanuts, Zeus
FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH, Hillbillies, IW, WMH, Cherry pickers, windmills, calf raises, burpees (x3), down dog, world’s greatest stretch

THE THANG: Split into two groups. One group is the timer (stair climbs) while the other group plays exercise poker. Flapjack. Whichever group gets through the most cards each round wins. Loser pays 5 burpee penalty. Winner gets 20 flutter kick prize.

❤️ = American hammers
♠️ = merkins
♦️ = toy soldiers
♣️ = tempo squats
Joker = 10 burpees

Round 1: 1 time to top of stairs (111 total)
Round 2: 2 times to top of stairs (222 total)
Round 3: 2 times to top of stairs (222 total)

Monthly challenge: ✅

MARY: Flutter kicks

ANNOUNCEMENTS: 9/11 stair climb; dads camp Sep 23; backpacking trip Oct 14

COT: YHC was inspired by this group doing the stairs as a team, instead of individually (helpfully, the Q did not provide any instructions on this point). “Picking up the 6” is an important part of F3 – we’re not competing against each other, we’re here to support each other.

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