Sign of the Beast

DATE: 2022-08-03
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Magoo
PAX: Disco, Kodiak, Old Bay, Mr. Hand, Jag, Booking, vplaxico FNGs: Armbar, Attaché
WARMUP: 6 each: WMH, Cherry Picker, Abe Vigoda, airsquats, sumo squats, narrow squats, jog through the woods for Attaché.
THE THANG: 1) Sprint to stations on the field for: 6 blockies, 6 jump squats, 6 superman roll merkins. Terminal burpee. First three finishers get special coupon prizes.
Repeat as necessary with variations (KB swing, monkey humpers, roll ups, plank jacks, derkins, hand-release coupon squats). 2) Bataan Death Crawl.
MARY: Ring of fire leg pushdowns, plank saw.
COT: minute of deep breathing.
The workout was hell, the rest of the day should be an improvement.

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