Leg Day Co-Q

DATE: 2022-07-14
AO: Olympus
Q: Pop Fly
PAX: Ashe, Rambler, Hightower, Monk, Zeus, Nano, YNAB, Juneau, Peanuts FNGs: None
WARMUP: Normal
1) 5 minutes of stairs. every time you got to the bottom, do a burpee. increase burpees (by 1) each time you come down the stairs
2) The Mt Rainier: 3 Lunges + 1 Squat. This was the mode of transportation to the field

— Ashe takes over as Q.

3) Lunge walk 50 yards. conduct broad jumps then lunge walk 4) Sprint to goals and back
5) LBCs
6) Reverse Lunge 50 yards
7) Reverse sprint to goals and back
8) Monkey Humpers

9) Calf Raises.

MARY: Flutter Kicks, Big Boy Situps, Alphabet Legs, Toe Raises

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Dad’s Camp – 24 Sept

COT: be like a band member. they play the same notes and songs every night, and the bring it. bring it everyday to the small things that are routine, because that’s where we make our bones

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