Excellent Exicon Exploration

DATE: 2022-07-15
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Disco
PAX: Kodiak, Mr. Hand, Poe
FNGs: Median, Lumberg (down range from Houston)
WARMUP: SSH, Imp Walkers, M Phelps, Abe Vigoda, CP/WMH, D Dog/Cobra THE THANG: 20 apiece. Midfield runs:
Atlas Shrugged
Bonnie Blairs
Crab Walk
Elf on the Shelf
Flying Nun
Grave Diggers
Howling Monkeys
Indian Bear Crawl
J Los
Little Mermaid
Monkey Humping Goblet Squat
Nolan Ryans
Peter Parkers
Q’s Choice (Midfield Sprints)
‘ Round the World
Side Straddle Hop
Toy Soldiers
Up Straddle Hop
Vertigos (whoa…)
War Hammers
X Factors
Yves Poll
Zombie Walk
MARY: see above
COT: Kindness to others is reciprocated.

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