It Takes 2 to Ladder

DATE: 2022-07-02
AO: Sandlot
Q: Traveler
PAX: Traveler
FNGs: Bleu Cheese
WARMUP: Fellowship lap around park, with exercises mixed in.

Complete Exercise 1, then 30 yard out and back sprint.
Then complete Exercise 1 and 2. 30 yards out and back.
Continue until all 10 rounds complete.

1. 10 Merkins
2. 10 Copperhead squats
3. 10 Flutter kicks (IC)
4. 8 Alligator merkins
5. 10 Monkey humpers (IC)
6. 10 Burpees
7. 10 American hammers (IC)
8. 20 Carolina Dry Docks
9. 20 Bonnie blairs
10. 30 yard bear crawl

Devin Hesters: 70 yard course. PAX 1 starts back pedaling. PAX 2 does 4 burpees and then sprints. Race to the finish.

MARY: Crunches and protractors.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Merkins monthly challenge.

COT: YHC recently listened to a Jordan Peterson podcast about The Boy Crisis. Consider how we can be positive male role models for young men around us.

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