Tic Toc Fun

DATE: 2022-07-07
AO: Farm
Q: Faceplant
PAX: Matthew – Running Man, Floppy Disk, Infinity, Chile
FNGs: FNG -(Diode)

Side Straddle Hops
Mountain climbers
Arm circles
Michael Phelps
Willy Mays Haze
Down Dog
Ricky Bobby around the Field
*Divide in half and partner up
*50 tic toc burpees – half does one burpee, other half does burpee (that counts as 3)
*100 team merkins – one partner runs to 50 yard line and back while other does merkinfs *40 tic tic burpees
*200 team big boy sit-ups with walking lung to 15 yd line and back *300 team crunches with Carioca to 30 yd line and back
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Sept 11 event
COT: Try to think of any experience you learn from as a good experience because it taught you an important lesson.

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