It’s Very Simple

DATE: 2022-06-27
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Brown Bag
PAX: Horshack, Yardbird, Magoo, sticks, Kodiak, Old Bay, Mr Haand, Maj. Payne, Disco FNGs: Kombucha + a guest appearance by Roadkill
COUNT: 11+
WARMUP: SSH, DQ, WMH, CP, LBAC, DownDog, Cobra Kai, 20 Merkins
THE THANG: PAX ran around the neighborhood stopping roughly every 2.5 minutes to do sets of 20 Merkins and finished back at the AO for a couple sprints and 20 more Merkins for a total of @2.5 miles and 200 Merkins MARY: Yes
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Ruck’n’Float, Look for new Monthly Challenge
COT: There’s a time and a place for keeping things very simple like this workout

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