F3 Capital Tour – Final Stop

DATE: 2022-06-11
AO: Olympus
Q: Yard Sale
PAX: Rambler, Ice Tea, 2 percent, Landslide, Lazlo, swish, Roddick, Jag, Pop Fly, Popeyes, Juneau, Kodiak, citrus, Peanuts, Jenner FNGs: @Floppy Disk

Main Course:
2 Teams facing each other on opposite 45 yd lines.
– Round 1 :
Kettle Bell Swings (30), Overhead Press (20),
Cross-over merkins (10), Reverse Murder Bunny to 20 yd line -> Murder bunny back. – Round 2:
Repeat, add 10 decline merkins. No murder bunnies, but run 2 laps Ricky Bobby with team. – Round 3:
Overhead Press (30), Cross-over Merkins (20),
Decline Merkins (10). Run 5 sets of bleachers w/ 10 merkins at the bottom of each set.

2nd Course:
One team does 6 sets of one-legged hops up stairs (3 left, 3 right), while other team does 10 burpees after lunging 5 yards. Repeat until team with stairs is done, then switch.

Block Press + Flutter Kicks (15), Flutter Kicks (20), LBCs (20), PICKLE POUNDERS (20)

ANNOUNCEMENTS: End of Capital Tour, Big gestures from @Lazlo.

COT: Hope to see you all for years to come.

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