Shared misery is the best medicine

DATE: 2022-06-14
AO: General
Q: Maj. Payne
PAX: Lazlo, Moneyball, Toolbox, 2 percent, Fairweather, Yardbird, citrus, Booking FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH, IW, mosey, WMH, Cherry Pickers, mosey to inside the stadium, BWS, Merkins

YHC just returned from GTE 29 in Seattle where we began the ruck phase with a PT test. Today we’re going to test ourselves with a mini/half PT test: one minute of hand release Merkins followed by one minute of butterfly sit-ups followed by a one mile run. Do your best. Standard for the full test is 50 hand release Merkins in 2 minutes, 50 butterfly sit-ups in 2 minutes and 18 minutes for the run.

The Thang 2:
1 broad jump – 1 burpee
2 broad jumps – 2 burpees
3 broad jumps – 3 burpees
4 broad jumps – 4 burpees
5 broad jumps – 5 burpees
Repeat above with lunge steps and merkins

The Thang 3:
Coupon march. The timer is 5 x lunge walk steps by the Pax member carrying the coupon. The remaining pax members sprint bear crawl until the lunge walking pax member finishes his lunges and announces completion. Advance the coupon to the trail bear crawler (this btw, really helps all bear crawlers stay on line nicely). The next pax picks it up and so on until the Pax eventually make it all the way across the field.

MARY: 20 x Flutter kicks, 50 x LBCs

ANNOUNCEMENTS: 4-year anniversary convergence Saturday 0700 at Roosevelt Island.

COT: A long treatise on the benefits of GrowRuck. It’ll be extremely tough and hurt…but it’ll be the best thing any man has ever done to accelerate himself and his surrounding brothers! GrowRuck TheCapital is coming in March 2023!

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