Where are the Coupons?

DATE: 2022-06-10
AO: Patriot
Q: Old Bay
PAX: Sunshine, Lucius, Maestro, Patchouli, Maguire, CableGuy, Malware, Booking, Fish Fry, Spokes, Bone, Legacy, Tiësto, My Space, bogey, Flipper, Old Bay FNGs: Full Metal Jacket – DR

Little Bitty Arm Circles
Michael Phelps
Side Straddle Hop
Downward Dog
Willie Mays Hayes
Cherry Pickers


Fellowship run to the dumpsters, no coupons there…

Fellowship Run to the “Arena”, count off 1s & 2s

1s – Bear Crawl to top of arena, figure 8 stair run
2s – Dirkins
1s – Figure 8 run
2s – Dips
1s – figure 8 run
2s – Step Ups or Box Jumps

Fellowship run back to field

Slow 9-count exercises
Slow Count Squats
Slow Count Merkins

Short run to wall

Triceps Wall Press
London Bridges
Windshield Wipers
Wall Sits
Lower Wall Sit w/ Seal Claps
Even Lower Wall Sit w/ Kung Fu punches
Even Lower Wall Sit w/ Seal Claps

Back to Mary


Plank Saws w/ JLos
Freddy Mercurys
Penguin Crunches


Capital Tour Sat – 5AM Basilica, 7AM Olympus
June 18th (not the 17th like Bone said) – Capital Convergence at Roosevelt Island 2nd Annual Ruck and Float – July 2nd


Life hits you with the unexpected, like no coupons for your all coupon workout, we can’t quit, adapt and keep moving forward

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