Resistance Band HIIT

DATE: 2022-06-02
AO: Farm
Q: Infinity
PAX: Chile, Matthew – Running Man
FNGs: None
WarmUp: Don Quixotes, Cherry Pickers, Copperhead Squats, Michael Phelps, Merkins, and Mountain Climbers.

The Thang:
21, 18, 15, 12, and 9 reps of the following, with resistance bands: Deadlifts
Bent over rows
Shoulder press
Bicep curls

Announcements: F3 the Capital tour starts this Sunday and includes the Farm on Thursday. Infinity will Q. Come on out and show your support of our AO for the visitors we will have!

“And so, does the destination matter? Or is it the path we take? I declare that no accomplishment has substance nearly as great as the road used to achieve it. We are not creatures of destinations. It is the journey that shapes us. Our callused feet, our backs strong from carrying the weight of our travels, our eyes open with the fresh delight of experiences lived.” ― Brandon Sanderson, The Way of Kings We cannot choose our final destination, only what we do on our way there.

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