Put it in the goal!

DATE: 2022-06-02
AO: Highlands
Q: Trolley
PAX: Jag, Toolbox, Speedo (Brad Luring)
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Moseyed to field entrance, SSH, Hillbillies, Rockettes (the prettiest ever seen; we may be ready for Radio City Music Hall), Cherrie Pickers, Down Dog, Cobra Kai. Paired off and passed soccer balls from goal to goal, 2x = kudos to those who scored. THE THANG:
Penalty Box, Penalty Box (#2) & Half Field via Duck Walks, Bear Crawls, & Lunge Walks then sprint back. Moseyed to benches by River House. Dips and Dirkins.
Moseyed to the parking lot. Jacob ladder, building to 5 burpees at top and descending from 5 at bottom. Pull-ups. Ricky Bobby around the high-rise and fields stopping for burpees and calf raises.
Jungle gym – 5 pull-ups, WW1, & toe taps. Repeat. Field benches – dips and toe taps.
Paired off and dribbled soccer balls and shot goals -2x while screaming “get it in the dang goal!”.
MARY: Passed the ball around, whoever had it led the exercise. Superman’s, banana something or others, etc. ANNOUNCEMENTS: several things I cant recall
COT: Prayer for our wellbeing and the power of the Holy Spirit to strengthen us as we pursue difficult things while maintaining integrity.

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