No Basketball for You!

DATE: 2022-06-01
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Old Bay
PAX: Magoo, Fish Fry, Vila, Kodiak, 3 mile, Mr Haand, Old Bay FNGs: Attaché

Little Bitty Arm Circles
Michael Phelps
Finkle Swings
Side Straddle Hop
Imperial Walkers


Q had a fun basketball themed workout planned, unfortunately there was construction and a crane truck on the court – NO BASKETBALL FOR YOU – modified, with coupons, as necessary!

Fellowship Lap

Unload a variety of coupons from the Q’s car and carry to the coupon stash.

Stole a @popfly workout from #Olympus, Q calls an exercise and all OYO until 2 PAX quit.

– Coupon Curls
– Coupon Overhead Press
– Coupon Squats
– Big Boy Sit-ups
– Coupon Thrusters
– Coupon Calf Raises
– Leg lifts
– Coupon Atlas Shrugs
– Kettle Bell Swings
– Coupon Plan Drags
– Coupon Bench Press


– Coupon-icides to the 50
– 100 LBCs
– Coupon-icides to the 50
– 50 Flutter Kicks

– Fellowship Lap


Passed the soccer ball around, he who had the ball calls the Mary exercise.


Promoted the capital tour!


In life, modify as necessary. MOS

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