Capitol Hill Fun Run

DATE: 2022-05-27
AO: Atlantis
Q: Bratwurst
PAX: Infinity, Hammerhead, 2 percent, OverUnder
FNGs: None
WARMUP: 11 Side-straddle hops, 2×20 second butterfly stretch with
THE THANG: Ran from AO to and around the capitol building. Stopped thrice for the following exercise sets: 1. 20×Merkins, 20×Air Squats, 20×Calf raises
2. 30×forward lunges, 20×wide merkins (texans?), 30×reverse lunges 3. Active rest, held Al Gore and V-sit position
MARY: Returned on time, no time for Mary
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Various events happening this memorial day weekend.
COT: Discussed my efforts to expand my scope of self-defense and why I thought it was important.

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