Patriot Open

DATE: 2022-05-27
AO: Patriot
Q: Fish Fry
PAX: citrus, Old Bay, Shake ‘N’ Bake, Bone, Legacy, Rainman, CableGuy, Vila, Speedo, Jag, Landslide, Elvis, Sunshine, Wedding Singer, Anchor Man, Spokes, Ice Tea, Roadkill FNGs: Maestro, Shredder, Ransomware
WARMUP: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Tricep Stretch, Michael Phelps, Willy Mays Hayes THE THANG:
We took a short mosey to the tennis courts for a tennis themed workout. Toe taps across the baseline followed by suicides to service line and net X 5 Calf Raises on baseline
Tabata comprised of 20 seconds of burpees followed by 40 seconds of horse stance to simulate waiting for Nadal to finally serve.

Moving Blairs to net and back
Beast line drill X 3

Side lungers
Side to Side drills shuffling to each sideline on the court and a pyramid of Merkins to 5

For fun, we played tennis using some oversized balls. Using rally point rules, the team that either hit the ball out of bounds or let it bounce twice had to do burpees X the number of times the ball went over the net. The point winners just did squats and jeered and the point losers.

4 Count Bird Dogs, Dead Bugs, Superman with Pullups
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Murph, Memorial day picnic and a bunch of other stuff COT: Just time for a quick prayer after naming the 3 FNGs.

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