Beach Trip

DATE: 2022-05-25
AO: Patriot
Q: Lucius
PAX: Anchor Man, Big Short, CableGuy, Ice Tea, Legacy, Maj. Payne, Mayberry, Roadkill, Shake ‘N’ Bake, Spokes, Wedding Singer FNGs: Willis
SSH, LBAC, Downward Dog, Cobra Kai, Childs Pose, Cherry Pickers, Michael Phelps, Moroccan Night Clubs

PAX loaded the car for the annual beach vacation, packing the usual stuff: cooler, beach towels, fishing rods, hi-lift jack, sandbags, cinderblocks, etc. Because they did it wrong, they repeated the process. Several times.

PAX traveled to the beach, beginning with Lunge Walks, slowing to a crawl (Bear Crawl that is), going through the Chesapeake Bay Tunnel (Balls-to-the-Wall and Bear Crawl), stopping for a speeding ticket (Burpees) in Chesapeake, then on to the Outer Banks.

Upon arriving at their beach house, PAX carried their cinderblock to the top of the stairs, then jumped for joy (Squat Jumps). Repeat 3x (slick, with no block).

Hot-Sand Suicides:
– 30 yd Hi Knees, 20 Merkins; 30 Yd Hi-Knees; 20 Merkins
– 20 yd Hi Knees, 10 Merkins; 20 Yd Hi-Knees; 10 Merkins
– 10 yd Hi Knees, 5 Merkins; 10 Yd Hi-Knees; 5 Merkins

Surfer Girls: Carry CB surfboard 40 yards past the breakers, then 3x 8-count surfer ups. Repeat at 35 and 30 yards.

PAX packed for their return trip, carrying their CBs back to storage and collecting sundry coupons at the car.

Flutter Kicks, LBCs, Toy Soliders, JLos

– Murph – Memorial Day
– Picnic – Memorial Day
– F3 The Capital Tour – See @Lazlo for details
– Capital Convergence June 18

Planning, packing, and going on trips with family or friends can be stressful. Those who travel with us look to us to set the tone for the trip. Please pack your patience and be the type of person that people like to travel with. Also applies to TSA.

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