DATE: 2022-05-23
AO: Patriot
Q: Maj. Payne
PAX: Lazlo, My Space, Legacy, Shake ‘N’ Bake, Jenner, Ice Tea, Sunshine, Big Short, Vila, Anchor Man, citrus, Wedding Singer, CableGuy, Lucius FNGs: DRPAX Mole (F3 Toledo) and Scully (F3 Hampton Roads) and 2.0 Willis COUNT: 18
18 PAX gathered in the gloom, all prepared for the pending coupon-infused beatdown. What happened next is a story of epic proportions, and it went mostly like this…


Amidst soccer ball shenanigans where YHC said any ball kicked outside the circle meant 5 x burpees for the offending PAX, and then 5 x burpees for the Q if anyone hit him (promptly halted after one round of warm up exercises), the PAX completed 15 x SSH, 10 x Imperial walkers, 10 x Willie Mays Hayes, 10 x Cherry pickers, 10 x BWS. No burpees as the ball remained in the circle and none hit the Q when the 5 x burpee rule was in effect. Note: It’s great to be able to make rules at will.


Because it is Murph prep month, and the monthly challenge called for 200 x Merkins today, the PAX started with a pyramid of Merkins. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-4-2-1 (Yes, there was a miscount at the midpoint, but through creative counting, all PAX completed 100 x Merkins.)

Then all PAX lined up on the goal line for a series of coupon exercises. Rules were that PAX must complete as many reps of the set as possible, and if they needed to stop for rest, they had to travel.

Round 1: 100 x curls / run to opposite goal line and back for “rest.” If a second round of rest was needed, run to opposite 20 yd line (80 yds down and back). If a third round of rest, then to opposite 40 yd line (60 yds down and back). And so on until all reps complete.

Round 2: 100 x overhead press / backwards run to 50 yd line and backwards run back. If a second round of rest was needed, backwards run to 40 yd line and back. If a third round of rest, then to opposite 30 yd line and back. And so on until all reps complete.

Round 3: 100 x Merkins / Forward run again, same pattern as round 1. Harder than it should have been! But this completed the 200 for the day!

Round 4: 50 x Thrusters / Bear crawl to 20 yd line and back. (Then 15 and back, 10 and back, etc).

Round 5: 30 x Standing Row / Crawl bear to 10 yd line and back.

MARY: 25 x flutter kicks, 50 x LBCs

ANNOUNCEMENTS: @Bone didn’t post, so we failed to announce important upcoming events, but we’ve got Murph coming May 30 along with the F3 picnic. Also 4 year anniversary convergence June 18 at Roosevelt Island.

COT: Today’s workout was about being honest with yourself. If your form broke or you needed to rest, you traveled as appropriate. Most everyone knows that I service cadre for GrowRuck events. I tell PAX that they must be honest about their preparation‘s for those events. They can never be fully ready for a GrowRuck because no one can fully prepare for one. All you can do is prepare your self as much as possible. Just like life where we don’t know what the next minute will bring, PAX under the log don’t fully know what will happen next at a GrowRuck. So, in preparation for a GrowRuck and for life, are you honestly doing everything you can to be prepared? This is the question we must all ask ourselves every single day.


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