Cleveland rocks!

DATE: 2022-05-18
AO: Patriot
Q: citrus
PAX: Anchorman, Big Short, Bone, CableGuy, Fish Fry, Lazlo, Legacy, Lucius, My Space, Speedo (Brad Luring), Sunshine, Wedding Singer FNGs: Flamingo (DR Cleveland), Finkle (sp?), Willis (Lucius 2.0!) COUNT: 16
WARMUP: SSH, arm circles, IW, hillbillies, 10 merkins, WMH, cherry pickers, 10 merkins, down dog, world’s greatest stretch

Split into 3 teams

PART 1: 11s with merkins at each end, as a team

PART 2: Dodgeball!
Team 1 is the timer:
* 10 Aussie merkins
* 20 merkins
* 30 air squats
* 1 lap around the school

Teams 2 and 3:
* If you get hit or your ball gets caught, 2 burpee penalty
* Headshot penalty
* 2 burpees for hitter
* 2 burpees for hittee for being slow

(YHC was the only PAX to pay the hittee penalty)

Rotate when team 1 gets back.

MARY: Flutter kicks, LBCs, Yes/No’s, toy soldiers, 10 merkins

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Bone-a-thon Saturday (start hydrating now), Murph and picnic on Memorial Day (also Bone’s birthday). Bone-a-thon 2023 announcements start in June.

COT: Ladoris Hazzard Cordell became the first black female judge in NoCal almost by accident, because she never considered it as a career for her because she had never seen a black female judge before. Representation matters.

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