Innovating at Atlantis

DATE: 2022-05-17
AO: Atlantis
Q: Deflator
PAX: Infinity, Hammerhead, Grease Monkey, Riot
FNGs: DR Flamingo
Best stretch ever
Shoulder stretch
Arm circles
Side straddle hops
Basic burpee
Copperhead squat

Mosey to barriers, hop overs
Go back to grass area and to the s-shaped benches for an innovative workout.

Step up’s left and then right
7 burpees + lap
Urukins left and then right
6 double burpees + lap
Box jumps left then right
5 triple burpees + lap
5 Derkins left then right
4 quad burpees + lap
Bear crawl back and forth
3 penta burpees + lap
Side lunges left then right
2 septaburpees + lap
10 Dips
1 octa burpee + lap

MARY: No time for Mary but arguably covered under the multi-count burpees. ANNOUNCEMENTS: NA
COT: take a fresh look at the AO and try something new!

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