Prep for Murph

DATE: 2022-05-10
AO: General
Q: Hightower
PAX: 2 percent, Booking, citrus, Hightower, Toolbox, Lazlo, Roger Hart (Fudd), Nomad FNGs: DR Patient Zero
Fellowship jog around and over to get into track. Followed by series of stretching.

Break into (3) groups of 3 PAX.
Group 1: 10 pull-ups, 20 merkins, 30 squats rotation among the 3 Group 2&3 jog around track.
Once group 1 done, quick recovery. Then group 2 rotates in for 10-20-30 & group 1 joins jog. Once group 2 complete, quick recovery. Then group 3 rotates in for 10-20-30 & group 2 joins jog. Continue this for 2 rounds. Followed by 3 stations at end of track.
1 station full group wall sit, each PAX counts to 10, one at a time. Recovery 2 station full group, Derkins. Slow and deep, chin to deck for 20 reps. Recovery 3 station full group Balls to Wall with shoulder taps in cadence to 10. Followed by 2 laps around track, Burpee Bobby
Active recovery: slow, deep walk lunges and Good mornings.

Our 3 DR PAX each lead round of Mary.

Jag Respect birthday
Prayers for Lazlo brother in law, may he Rest In Peace
Memorial Day Murph, don’t forget what this holiday is about. Family picnic Memorial Day afternoon.

Gratitude for another beautiful morning in NoVA, how lucky we are to be alive!

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