Dora-Tastic Coupon Event

DATE: 2022-05-10
AO: Delphi
Q: Pop Fly
PAX: Dunder, Hoolihan, Roddick, Gadget, Juneau, Peanuts, K-Pop, Lightyear, Bluegrass, I-Beam FNGs: None
WARMUP: fellowship lap, SSHs, WMHs, cherry pickers
THE THANG: Dora with Coupon –
50x KB Swings
100x Overhead Press
150x Merkins
200x Sit Ups
250x Squats

partner chose the distance to run. PAX had two breaks during the DORA work to do rest their lungs and shoulders thanks to our friend the Wall Sit

welcome back Roddick and Gadget

MARY: Flutter kicks, and flutter kicks
COT: learn to follow before you learn to lead

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