Q-School with Dealers Choice, Playground of Pain, Suicides & Jacobs Ladder

DATE: 2022-04-26
AO: Freestate
Q: Horshack
PAX: Butter, Rough Rider, ShowMe, Deagle, CashOnly, Winston
FNGs: Torpedo, Cannoli, DungeonMaster,
WARMUP: Dealers Choice
THE THANG: Playground of Pain, 2 at each Station and 2 Rounds, 45 seconds on, 15 off – Squats
– Australian Pull Ups
– Step Ups
– Dips
– Decline Merkins

MARY: Dealers Choice

3F: EarthDay Road Cleaning Success!!
• 1F&2F: Backpacking trip (April 29-May1) HT
• 1F: New Arlington AO launch Quincy Park, Sat April 30 Traveler • 1F: Capital Tour CSAUP (May 15-21) Lazlo
• 1F: Boneathon (May 21) Bone
• 1F: Murph WOD Memorial Day (Mon May 30) Yardsale/Roddick
• 2F: Family Picnic (Mon, May 30) Nano
• 2F: Dad’s Camp (June 4-5) Rambler
• Anniversary Convergence (June 18) MjP
• Harpers Ferry Ruck & Tubing (Date TBD) Jenner
• Sept 11 Stair Climb (Sun 9/11) I Beam
• March 2023 GrowRuck DC Old Bay

COT: An F3 History Lesson:
Our Origins: F3 officially started with it’s first workout on Jan 1, 2011 at AG middle School in Charlotte NC with 35 men. OBT & Dredd broke off from a similar workout group which did not want to grow in order to share with others because they discovered that men after 40 years old (aka in the 3rd quarter of their life) needed this the most.
Using the principles found in, “The Starfish and the Spider: The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations” by Ori Brafman and Rod Beckstrom, they established an internal structure to help mobilize men to strengthen themselves at home, in the workplace, and in the community. They broke that group up as it started to grow in August of 2011. F3 The Capital Region History
The Saturday after Thanksgiving in 2012, Belk from Charlotte made a trip to DC to rally a few former co-workers and friends in MD, DC, and VA to join an inaugural workout at Wolf Trails Park in N. Virginia. About a half dozen men stuck with it including Bunny Rabbit (moved to Boston), Early Bird (now at Mt Vernon AO), and Horshack. Over the first few years, the AO shifted over to Teddy Roosevelt Island and called itself the Rough Riders. But the Pax wasn’t very connected with the F3 Nation – and didn’t grow very much – never getting more than about eight men over five plus years.
In February 2018, the Rough Riders disbanded and moved the AO to Mt. Vernon where most of the Pax lived and wanted to train for half and full marathons. Meanwhile Horshack hibernated in his fart sack. Later in 2018, Major Payne moved to DC from a strong F3 region in Chapel Hill and launched an AO at Yorktown High School called The Patriot. Under Major Payne’s leadership, and now with Hightower, The Capital Region has (as of April 2022) grown to 18 AOs, plus added two additional regions: Blue Ridge (now at 5 AOs), and Annapolis (now 6 AOs)

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