Treasure Hunting

DATE: 2022-04-26
AO: Delphi
Q: Hightower
PAX: Rambler, Glee, Hightower, Nano, Zeus, Bluegrass, Gadget, Dunder, Peanuts FNGs: None
Standard stretching & warmups done

Fellowship jog pace to start looking for coupons.
1 Stop: 20# med ball. Med ball slams, then burpee. PAX line up, after slam & burpee next guy picks up and the med ball moves down the line. Back & forth for several rounds. Continue jog, now carrying the coupon, Ricky Bobby style, PAX move the coupon to the rear, last man runs to front & passes coupon back.

2 Stop: 25# med ball. Med balls backwards toss, 2 groups, reverse & forward toss. Continue Ricky Bobby pace, now moving both coupons.

3 Stop: cinderblock Bent rows & SSH, PAX alternate coupon & no coupon. Moving coupons round the circle for several rounds. Continue fellowship pace, now with 3 coupons. Each PAX trade off coupon carry.

4 Stop: cinderblock Curls & Air Squats, PAX in circle, alternating PAX with and without coupons. Moving coupons round the circle for several rounds.

Ring of Fire round of Mary done.

Local 2F tonight, check Slack for details.
Murph Prep running until Memorial Day, Mon’s at George Mason.

Taking the time to breathe deep and just embrace the serenity of the morning.

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