Cardio Madness

DATE: 2022-04-20
AO: Aerie
Q: Chasqui
PAX: Yellow Jacket
FNGs: None
1-2 Football field loops
Michael Phelps, Arm circles, high knees, butt kickers, don quijote

Suicides to the 50 yard line, 10 yards increments
5 yard Frog jumps with backwards bear crawls
American hammers, Big boy sit-ups
Planks with hand/shoulder/knees taps in 6 count cadence
Full field run
Squats: left, middle, right sides in cadence
Suicides to the 20 yd with burpees, 5 yd increments
Squats with burpees
Forward/Backward Lunges, right/left leg switch
Zig/Zag across the field, switch sides
Fast feet agility drills across the field

MARY: stretching mix
ANNOUNCEMENTS: 2.0 workout coming up. Old Rag hike TBD. Possible Picnic meetup.
COT: We are ready for some more sunshine to attract the hibernating future FNGs!
Co-Q is open for anyone interested in adding their own workout mix to our Q workouts 💪🏼

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