But they’re tick tock. It’s different.

DATE: 2022-04-19
AO: General
Q: Lazlo
PAX: Toolbox, Trolley, Maj. Payne, Shake ‘N’ Bake, Faceplant, 2 percent, Booking FNGs: None
WARMUP: Neighborhood warmup with SSH, Imperial walkers, Moroccan night clubs, cherry pickers, downward dog

THE THANG: Route 66. Mosey around the stadium, over the fence and a little stadium tour, stopping periodically for a burpee. Then 2. Then 3, etc. until 11 burpees at the final stop, for a total of… 66.

Then Dora, sort of. PAX partnered up with one on the goal line, the other on the 5, forming two lines. We started with 50 tick tock burpees. First group does a burpee, then the other group does a burpee. That’s two. Repeato to fifty. Then 100 team merkins while the partner runs to the 40, and wait for the six. Then 40 tick tock burpees.
Then 200 team BWS, with partner lunge walk to the 10, and wait for the six. Then 30 tick tock burpees.
Then 300 team LBCs, with partner carioca to the 20, and wait for the six. Then 20 tick tock burpees.

MARY: Flutter kicks, WWIs, side plank hip raises, toy soldiers.

And by consensus, it would have been weird if we didn’t do the 10. So 10 tick tock burpees. And a well-earned Recover.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: New AO starting in Quincy Park. The Capital Tour.

COT: The Q is happy to be back in the swing of things, so we went through the F3 mission, core principles, and motto, just to freshen up.

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