A Little Push Work

DATE: 2022-04-16
AO: Olympus
Q: Pop Fly
PAX: Yard Sale, YNAB, Juneau, Zeus, Rollingstone, Monk, Nano, Ashe, Hightower, Popeyes, Maj. Payne, Rambler FNGs: Yard Sale (the Older), FNG Rhabdo
WARMUP: Dynamic Stretching
1) Travelling Jack Webb: Bear Crawl 10 yards, 1x Merkin, 4x OH Press. Repeat down the field and increase 1x Merkin each time and 4x OH Press each time. Finish at opposite goal line with 10x Merkins, 40x OH Press
2) Broad Jump & Burpees: Broad Jump 10 yards, 1x Burpee. Increase 1x Burpee each 10 yards. Finish at opposite goal line with 10x Burpees
3) Tire Flip and Cart Push: PAX took turns flipping the tire while 1x PAX pushed the Home Depot cart 50x yards while 1x PAX performed merkins on the cart. Switch at 50 yard line. Tire flips continued until all PAX had pushed the cart 4) Wall Sit: PAX shared their favorite book
5) Ultimate Frisbee: Shirts vs. Skins
MARY: All the RESPECT PAX took a turn
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Earth Day + Memorial Day picnic
COT: Be well, do good work, and stay in touch

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