Stole the Q and Rolled the Dice

DATE: 2022-04-19
AO: Atlantis
Q: Deflator
PAX: Infinity, True North
FNGs: None
WARMUP: best stretch ever, shoulder stretch x2, Helos, hillbillies, SSH x50
THE THANG: mosey to my favorite steps at Nate stadium. Used 2 workout dice my kids gave me. 1 at bottom and one at top, rolled and executed. We altered the way we got up and dow the steps, including a first ever downward bear crawl that was both treacherous and extremely safe. true north closed us out with 15 star jump burpees. Mosey back to the non-Flags. MARY: some menial abs exercises to take up the last minute. ANNOUNCEMENTS: nada
COT: SSH we’re in honor of my sister’s birthday Sunday – she would have been 50. Time at church have me some time to reflect and think. Find those places and those times to reflect in your own fast paced lives.

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