DATE: 2022-04-18
AO: Patriot
Q: Lazlo
PAX: Booking, citrus, CableGuy, Wedding Singer, Legacy
FNGs: None
Repeating a General beatdown from a few months ago. Testing a theory that having loud metal playing during the beatdown will make everything easier. It failed again. But we still got our beatdown.

WARMUP: SSH, imperial walkers, Moroccan nightclubs, rockettes, cherry pickers, down dog

Bearicide appetizer. Bear crawl to the 10, crawl bear back. To the 20 and back. To the 30 and back. To the 20 and back. To the 10 and back.
Then 4 sets of AMRAP exercises until the song ends. Then a new song and new exercises.
1) 10 Bonnie Blair’s, 20 coupon squats, 30 monkey humpers, repeato to Metallica / Enter Sandman
2) 10 OH press, 20 merkins, 30 bent over rows, repeato to Iron Maiden / Aces High
3) 10 burpees, 20 groiners (plank position, feet jump together towards hands and back out for 1 groiner), 30 Hillbillies (2-count), repeato to Anthrax/Public Enemy / Bring the Noise
4) greatest hits. 10 OH press, 20 groiners, 30 monkey humpers, repeato to Tool / The Pot The a round of Motivators, from 10 down to 1.

MARY: flutter kicks, WWIs, side plank hip-ups, toy soldiers

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Sign up for the Capital Tour

COT: Good to be back from spring break and some travel before that. The Q read a quote from Bruce Dickinson, lead singer for Iron Maiden, that the world would be a better place if heavy metal bands were in charge. Dubious. But it got me thinking about F3 – we should be in charge. And the more I thought abou that, the worse it sounded. We do hard things. We get up before the rest of the world, push ourselves as hard as we can, encourage and promote making ourselves better people, mostly before the sun rises. If everyone had to do that, I’m not sure where we’d go next. Let’s keep F3 exceptional.

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