Power of Persistence

DATE: 2022-04-15
AO: Patriot
Q: Lucius
PAX: Big Short, Disco, Jag, Kodiak, Legacy, Toolbox
FNGs: Attache; Gesundheit! (DR)
SSH; Cherry Pickers; Downward Dog; Cobra Kai; Child’s Pose; LBACs; Morroccan Night Clubs

“Miracle” Burpees – PAX lined up on end-line; Ran 20 yds; 1 Burpee; Returned to end-line; 2 Burpees; Ran 40 yards; 3 Burpees; Returned to end-line; 4 Burpees; Ran 60 yards; 5 Burpees; Returned to end-line 6 Burpees. Miraculous.

CB Bucket Brigade.

The Gauntlet – PAX formed two 40-yard lines, spaced at 10-yard intervals, with their CBs. They each took turns bear-crawling through this Gauntlet, while the remaining PAX performed rest exercises. Rest exercises included Merkins, Overhead Presses, Pull-Through Merkins, CB Swings, CB Rows, Goblet Squats, and Curls. Each rest exercise performed until the bear-crawling PAX moved 40 yards. Repeat 2x.

Fellowship Lap.

The Gauntlet (Lightening Round) – Repeat exercise above, but with only 20-yard bear crawl for each PAX.

CB Bucket Brigade, poorly executed.

Rifle Carry CBs to whence they came.

MARY: LBCs; Something Else; Flutter Kicks.

While biking the C&O canal towpath this week, YHC was struck by two things.

First, it took over 20 years to dig the canal, using hand tools, black powder to blast through rocks, and mules to move rubble. The canal builders build dams across the Potomac, cut a 3/4-mile long tunnel through a mountain, and constructed multiple aqueducts that carry the canal over other waterways. Through persistence we can accomplish even audacious goals.

Second, by the time it reached Cumberland, the canal was obsolete. Railroads had eclipsed the ability of canals to move freight. This is a good reminder to periodically check your goals before you to ensure you arrive at the right place.

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