Weights & Cardio

DATE: 2022-04-09
AO: Aerie
Q: Rocketman
PAX: Yellow Jacket, Chasqui
FNGs: None

– Mountain Climbers
– Overhead Claps
– Around the field


Do something heavy, then do something cardio, then do something heavy.


Reps were generally between 10 and 20.

– Kettlebell swings
– Overhead press
– Bent row
– Thrusters
– Derkins
– Burpees over coupon
– Goblet Squats
– Flutter Kicks


Every 20 yards: suicide down/back then carry your weight to the next 20 yard increment.

Freebies at each end of the field included mashups of the weights and moseys up and down the field.


– Dive bombers
– LBCs
– Freddie Mercurys
– Other painful things


– Schedule changes: No more normal Saturday workouts, moving to:

Monday: Monday Night Ruckers
Wednesday: 0600 beatdown
Friday: 0600 beatdown

Upcoming Saturday events:

– April 16: Manassas Ruck
– April 23: 2.0 friendly workout @ 0700


Our anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its strengths. ― C. H. Spurgeon

What weights are we carrying around that sap our strength? Pray, exercise, talk through the weights. Find ways in our own lives to get rid of that anxiety!

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