Games Day – Soccer and Volleyball

DATE: 2022-04-05
AO: General
Q: Jenner
PAX: SubPrime, 2 percent, Traveler, fist pump, Hard Knox, Faceplant, Trolley, Fairweather, citrus FNGs: None
This was a Co-Q with @Subprime, not to be confused (or to always be confused) with @Prenup.

WARMUP: Run around to enter the field by going over the fence, then circle up to perform SSH, Arm Circles, Cherry Pickers, Downward Dog, and Merkins.

THE THANG: First up is crab v bear crawl soccer. Split the PAX up into two teams. Team 1 (we’ll call them Kansas) starts off with crab walk position and Team 2 (we’ll call them UNC) starts off in bear crawl. Team 1 gets some motivational “Go get ’em boys” and score and get ahead. Then swap. Team 2 is now bear crawling and catching up. They end the game with a winning goal.

Go back over the fence, sprint with 80% speed to the road, then mosey over to Quincy park. Demonstrate and then all PAX perform the off court activity of doing 5-10 pullups and then lunge walking to the gate next to the volley ball court.

Second match: 4 v 4 Volleyball. Same teams. Each team sends their 5th player over to do pull-ups and lunge walks and will swap out with a team member on return. First team to win 7 points wins. Rally point (score point no matter who serves). Scores start at 7 and go down to 0. After each point, each team performs the number of burpees that matches their team’s score. Miraculously finish the match as the 5th round of pull-ups and lunge walks finishes.

Mosey back to the field and jump over the fence one last time and circle up for Mary.

MARY: Bonnie’s Torture (slow count bicycles)

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Future F1 themed workout in a few weeks to be Co-Q’d again by Subprime and YHC.

COT: We are entering spring sports season. We just finished a very exciting college basketball tournament where the first year coach of UNC had a very inspirational in-game interview that gave his team a big surge. Always remember the kind of energy you can provide to help those around you focus and do their best. But Kansas never gave up. They hung in there and they persevered. So no matter what, make sure you persevere and stick with it and you will help your colleagues, your loved ones, and yourself achieve your goals.

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