Beastie Ruck

DATE: 2022-04-03
AO: Mor-Ruck-Ing
Q: Old Bay
PAX: Old Bay
FNGs: None
One lonely Ruck-eee I be
all by myself I got no F3
the sun is coming up
the mocha’s white flat
I’m here you’re not what the hell is up with that?

My name is @oldbay and I am is quick as can be
no not running but try 30 pound Ruck and you’ll see

I learn to ruck from the capital OGs
Yeah I’m talking #mother-rucki-ing @majpayne, @horshack, and @Hightower so please

#tailgunners 2 frontrunner I’ve been losing LBs
see you any given Sunday
you should come and join me!

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