DATE: 2022-04-02
AO: Aerie
Q: Rocketman
PAX: Haggis, Chasqui, Ted Yuan
FNGs: None

Hillbillies x 12, IC
No Moneys x 12, IC
Mountain Climbers x 12, IC
Cherry Pickers x 12, IC
Mountain Climbers x12 IC


Four stations in a line across the field + a run to the end of the field. I only have exercises for three stations, so YOU get to pick out an exercise for the fourth station and lead it! Rotate through!

Round 1:

1. Step-ups x 40
2. Kettlebell Swings x15
3. Derkins x15
4. ????????

Round 2:

1. Skull Crushers x15
2. American Hammers x15
3. XYs x15
4. ????



– Supermans
– Penguin Taps
– Freddie Mercurys
– LBCs
– Flutter kicks


– Monday Night Ruckers, Haggis on Q!
– April 16 Manassas Ruck
– April 23, 2.0 friendly workout!


This workout ended with a bang to the core. You got to Q workouts. Small curveballs, but there are more promised in your life! Be prepared, build one another up, look for ways to get outside your comfort zone so when the time comes to _be_ outside your comfort zone, you’ll know how to handle it!

And read _The Comfort Crisis_.

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