Cuphead Workout

DATE: 2022-04-02
AO: Farm
Q: Infinity
PAX: Matthew – Running Man, Sparky
FNGs: Buzz (QIC)
WarmUp: Tutorial
– 10 Squats (ducking)
– 10 Jump Squats (jumping)
– 20 Lunges (dash)
– 10 Cherry Pickers, IC (drop down)
– 20 Wrist Rolls, IC (shooting yer pea shooter)
– 20 Side Straddle Hops, IC (parry slap)
– 10 Michael Phelps, IC (X attack)

The Thang: Run & Gun
Set up stations in a straight line. There are five coins to be earned after completing five exercises. Whenever someone completes the first Coin challenge, the next PAX starts. Everyone else holds a plank while waiting their turn. Those who finish hold a plank while awaiting everyone else. The Run & Gun goes as follows: – Lateral hop over three cones in a row
– 10 Box Jumps – 1st Coin
– 10m Crab Walk
– 10 SSHs
– Lateral hop over three coupon blocks in a row
– 30 Coupon chest press – 2nd Coin
– 20m Butt Kickers
– 10 SSHs
– 20 Star Jumps – 3rd Coin
– 10m Bear Crawl
– 10 SSHs
– 30 Bonnie Blairs (single count) – 4th Coin
– 10m Crab Walk
– 10 SSHs
– 20 Lunge Curls (single count) – 5th Coin
– Boss Fight: Throw medicine ball into bucket
– Miss: 10 Burpees
– Reset medicine ball
– Sprint back to beginning
Go through the course two more times, but change all the coin challenges to 10 reps.

Mary: Flutter Kicks, Nolan Ryans, Rosalitas, and LBCs.

CoT: Sometimes in life we go through hard challenges. I’m just a 13 year old boy, but my experience with hard bullet hell games has taught me something. In life you won’t get far if you just give up. You have to stay determined, keep going, and never give up. You got to keep pressing that “retry” button until you get it right. If you’re at rock bottom then there’s only one way to go…up. So get up, dust yourself off, and start your way up.

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