Bears bunnies and ducks

DATE: 2022-04-01
AO: Patriot
Q: Booking
PAX: Legacy, Spokes, CableGuy, Fish Fry, Lucius, Big Short, Sunshine, Roadkill, Flipper, Shake ‘N’ Bake, Anchor Man, Lazlo, citrus, Toolbox, Old Bay, Maj. Payne, Maguire FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Windmills, Cherrypickers, Michael Phelps, fellowship lap THE THANG:
Murder Bunnies from end zone to end zone stopping every 20 yards for the following: Coupon overhead press
Coupon curls
Coupon low rows
Coupon cheat press
Coupon merkins
Sprint to next end zone without coupon then calf raises

Bear crawl from opposite end zone back to the coupons stopping every 20 yards for the following:

Copperhead squats
WW 1
Mountain climbers
Coupon toe taps once we reached the coupons again

Mix of Rifle Carries, Farmers Carrie’s and shoulders to get coupons down the field repeating the following coupon exercises from above.

Upon reaching the end zone with the coupon we did more calf raises

MARY: Flutter kicks, LBC, mule kicks, dirty dogs
ANNOUNCEMENTS: camping trip, Capital AO tour, other activities— see slack
COT: Q shared interaction he had with a retiring CEO who shared her outlook on life: first third of your life you are a learner, second third of your life you are an earner, final third be a returner. Give your gifts, time and talent to others when you can

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