Filthy 50 Years of Heavy Metal

DATE: 2022-03-31
AO: Mountvernon
Q: Winklevoss
PAX: Fonda, Early Bird
FNGs: Bus Stop, Churchill, Ultimate Warrior, Miller Time, Woodshop, can’t believe I forgot Stevens’s nickname COUNT: 9
Today’s workout is a Filthy 50 celebrating Judas Priest’s 50 Years of Heavy Metal tour where Early Bird and I will be in attendance at the MGM National Harbor this evening. Hit the music. Every time a song ends, run 50 yards out and back and do 10 push ups.

WARMUP: MUMVWU (modified usual Mount Vernon warm up). 2 laps but then 50 SSH, IW, Don Quixote.

THE THANG: 50 reps or yards of lots of stuff and remember, every time the song ends, run 50 yards out and back and do 10 push ups. 50 yard lunges, 50 IC mountain climbers, 50 side knee kicks, 50 partner sit ups, 50 Rob Halfords (renamed Ozzy Osbournes just for today), 50 seal claps, 50 bunny hop plank, 50 yard bear crawl, just 10 DPFR (I think, anyway, standing position, crouch, kick back to plank, back to crouch, kick out to lay on back and back to standing)

MARY: 50 LBC, 50 pretzel crunches, 50 Ukrainian resistance twists, plank o Rama, 50 flutter kicks

ANNOUNCEMENTS: congrats to Steven for getting a new job

COT: still some Oscar talk, return to work gripes at federal agencies, spring break coming up for some, Warrior happy to be back from covering NCAA wrestling championships in Detroit

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