Coupons around the track

DATE: 2022-03-31
AO: Olympus
Q: Nano
PAX: Hoolihan, YNAB, Rambler, Ashe, Rollingstone, Dunder, Zeus, Juneau FNGs: El Capitan
WARMUP: SSH, Willy Mayes Haze, Michael Phelps, Rockets, Down Dogs

THE THANG: Af the quick warm up the PAX set off for a mile around the track that included some side shuffling and some down to the left and right, capped off with a lap of Ricky Bobby.

After this the coupons were distributed and the pax set off around the track waiting for the signal to start. The coupons/exercises were:

-30# medicine ball/two hand squat throw
-20# medicine ball/shotput throw alternating
-40# medicine ball/between legs backwards throw
-Cinder block/murder bunnies
-30# dumbbell/alternating curls and overhead tricep press
-/walking burpees
-/lunge walks
-/bear crawl

So, when YHC gave the signal we all stared out around the track doing the exercise. When the sprinter reached someone, they would do the exercise and that person would become the new sprinter. This continued until we finished about 2 laps. We had 25 jump squats in the middle and ended with a ring of don’t let it stop SSH with one pax in the middle doing medicine ball slams.

MARY: Yep!


COT: Get out of you comfort zone, try some new stuff and embrace the uncertainty.

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