Elephants and Gazelles

DATE: 2022-03-30
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Magoo
PAX: Jag, 2 percent, vplaxico, Mr. Hand, Kodiak, sticks
FNGs: Attaché
WARMUP: Cherry Pickers, Mule Kick, Bear Crawl around the circle, SSHop
THE THANG: 4 elephants carry Heavy Objects to end of field. gazelles’ sprint to end of field and conduct mercans, rollups, jump squats etc until elephants arrive. Groups switch and return. Lather, rinse, repeat.
MARY: Boat Pose with painful arm and leg movements. Rotate between child’s, frog, and cobra stretches.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Muther Ruckers meet Sunday 5:30 am for mumblechatter workout. Combined coffeteria with Social Distance to follow. Something Horrible with 8 AOs in 7 days approaches. May 5- first Tuesday of the month-6 am breakfast at Bob and Edith’s diner.
COT: I think it’s easier to start new habits than to break old ones. As for my own bad habits, I’ve always been deeply cynical. The first thing that comes to my mind is usually – what’s the catch, how could this go wrong, what indeed IS the worst that could happen? When I don’t keep my mouth shut, I sound like a snarky smart-ass. Given that I’ve probably offended all of you at some point. I apologize. And I am trying to develop a new habit of keeping my mouth shut -well, at least occasionally.
As for my underlying inherent cynicism, I have worked for years to cultivate the habits of gratitude and awe. It seems like little things. Smile to myself every morning when I realize I am not dead and a new day is beginning. Get outdoors, smell the wind, listen to the birds, take time to appreciate experience of being alive. I find it helps restore balance in my life. I hope you can make a little more time for gratitude and awe in your own.

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