The Final Four or, I guess we have to talk about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock

DATE: 2022-03-29
AO: Mountvernon
Q: Winklevoss
PAX: Fonda
FNGs: Bus Stop, Miller Time
WARMUP: UMVWU (Usual Mount Vernon warm up) – 2 laps, 20 IC SSH, IW, Don Quixote, Ukrainian Freedom Fighters, 10 Hindu squats, 10 Turkish get ups

THE THANG: Stations – step ups, cross field run, squats, dumbbell shoulder press. One person take ruck through all 4 exercises, switch. 4 sets.

Two stair laps, a #mountvernon original invention. Run laps on the track but do all 5 sets of bleachers on each side as you go around. One person wear ruck for 100m/1 set of stairs. These are hard and take about 10pm apiece.

MARY: Time only for 25 IC LBC

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Congratulations to Time for a race well run on Saturday.

COT: Pop culture as a unifying force. We absolutely shouldn’t care about what happened at the Oscars but who doesn’t want to talk about it? We also discussed the Mount Vernon Unitarian Church book sale from the weekend. I learned that it is the original Hollin Hall (the neighborhood namesake) and sits on the highest point in Fairfax County. The more you know…

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