We Did It (Dora voice)

DATE: 2022-03-28
AO: Patriot
Q: Maguire
PAX: Wedding Singer, Roadkill, Lazlo, Shake and Bake, CableGuy FNGs: Legacy
WARMUP: SSH. Hillbillies. LBAC. Cherry Pickers. WMH. Downward Dog
THE THANG: Mosey around Patriot and stopping periodically. When stopping, timer did: -Dips
-Wall Sits
-Up the hill running
-Step Ups
-Bball court Suicides
Partner did merkins the first time through and Weezy Jefferson leg lifts the second time. MARY: LBC. Wedding Singer stretches
COT: We partner often in life. Some times you are the lead or the follower in the group. Always help. The task doesn’t end until you complete it together.

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