Da Bears

DATE: 2022-03-28
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Poe
PAX: 3 mile, Magoo, Disco, Yardbird, Kodiak, Booking
FNGs: Attaché
WARMUP: SSH, LBAC, Willy Mays Hayes, Cherry Pickers, Down Dog, Cobra Kai, Bear Crawl 10 paces, Michael Phelps
THE THANG: 400M bear crawl, stopping every 50-60M for activities – BWS, Imperial Walkers, Aussie Pull-ups, Big Boy Sit-ups, lunges, LBCs
MARY: Merkins, Big Boy Sit-ups, Flutter Kicks, Superman, LBCs. Finished early so finished up with wall sit/OH claps, Big Boy Sit-ups x2, Aussie Pull-Ups, Single Leg Deadlifts x2
ANNOUNCEMENTS: AO World Tour with Lazlo coming soon, check the F3thecapital-news channel for details.
COT: Today’s Q was a rerun of one of the first workouts YHC attended in 2018…I recall half baby crawling, not bear crawling around the track. 3 years later it was still hard but possible. Good to stick with something and keep practicing, you’ll eventually get better and stronger. Thanks to @Prenup for showing me that workout 3 1/2 years ago.

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