45 Minutes to a Perfect Spring Break Body or Your Money Back (disclaimer: No actual refunds allowed)

DATE: 2022-03-21
AO: Patriot
Q: Ice Tea
PAX: 2 percent, Big Short, CableGuy, Jag, Lucius, Maguire, Maj. Payne, Roadkill, Shake and Bake, Wedding Singer, Yardbird FNGs: None
SSH, Michael Phelps, Derricks (alternating one-leg toe-touches w/ forward outstretched arms), WMHs, Cherry Pickers and bonus fellowship lap.

Gorilla Complex—Pax lined-up on goal line with coupons and proceeded to do the following set of exercises redeeming their coupon: Curls for the Girls (8)
Rows (8)
Overhead Presses (8)
“The Thing”/Tricep Extensions (8)
Merkins sans coupon (8)
Run to 50 yd line and back
Wash, rinse, repeat for total of 8 sets

Bataan Death Crawl
Pax lined-up single file on the hash marks, then bear crawled to the opposite end zone Ricky Bobby-style. Last Pax doing 5 burpees and running to front of line. Then we did it back to where we started for a total of 200 yds of fun!

LBC, Nolan Ryans, Freddy Mercuries, BBSs & Flutter Kicks

1. The nubs add at least 3-4 pounds!
2. Sending our thoughts and food supplies to @Bone who is trapped overseas and is under the weather. 3. Sending same to @Citrus who is at home.

My VQ and BDQ today! Also my 6-month anniversary with F3. Shout out to @Maguire for introducing me to F3 and #thepatriot. I really appreciate all of you and the inspiration you provide me to continue pushing to be better.

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