St. Patrick’s Struggles and Snakes

DATE: 2022-03-16
AO: Compound
Q: Jenner
PAX: Hightower, Pop Fly, Zeus, Roddick, YNAB
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Side Straddle Hop x17, Imperial Walkers x17, Arm Circles x17, Michael Phelps x17, Potato Pickers x10, Downward Dog

THE THANG: Moseyed to behind the tennis courts to start off in “England”. Who can name a patron saint of Ireland that was born in Ireland? “St. Patrick”. Wrong, he was born in England. Let’s do 10 burpees OYO. Anyone? Ok, St. Brigid and St. Columba. Let’s do 2 merpees (merkin burpee ladder). At the age of 16, St. Patrick was captured by pirates and taken to Ireland. Let’s do 16 merkins.

Mosey to under the parking garage performing crawl bear down the “wave” hill. Patrick was a slave for 6 years. Perform 6 sets of 6 pull ups on the box pillars against the wall while your partner does Balls to the Wall.

Patrick escaped on a ship back to England so mosey back to England bear crawling up the “wave”. Perform 30 dips and 10 jump squats. Patrick decided to become a missionary and to go back to Ireland and convert the Pagan Celtics.

Mosey back to Ireland crawl bear down the wave and head to the far side of Ireland to the right end goal line. Travel across Ireland converting the pagans. Form a line and the front PAX broad jumps, drops to hold plank, and the next PAX bear crawls up to the front, broad jumps, and holds plank, and repeat all the way down the field.

Patrick became more spiritual and took a position on top of a hill and fasted for 40 days. So run up the hill in the left corner of the field and perform 40 air squats.

Now the legend that St. Patrick drove out the snakes from Ireland is not true. Snakes did not travel through Britain to Ireland when the land masses were connected. But just to be sure, select a PAX to be a snake charmer that starts off with two neon green gloves. The rest of the PAX must run forward on the white lines of the soccer & lacrosse field between the end goal and the 25 yd line and the sidelines and try not to get tagged. The first person to be tagged by the snake charmer takes one of the neon green gloves and becomes a snake charmer. Now, they must chase all the rest of the snakes (PAX) off the field. Once PAX are tagged, they go to the net and continuously jump up and touch the top of the goal. Repeat twice.

MARY: Flutter kicks x35, LBC x50, Penguin Crunches x15

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Shenanigames tomorrow.

COT: St. Patrick dedicated his life to his faith and converted the Pagan Celtics of Ireland. He is well known for numerous stories, wrote two book, and converted a lot of people. In our lives, we should try to help others live right and lead right and it event extends to F3. So go out there and try to head lock some sad clowns and get them out here to F3!

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